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Con10u2farm, L3C, is a Agtech social enterprise consulting firm designed to bring urban farming to all communities across America and the world. We grow aquaponically in a closed loop environment by using 21st century technology to grow better than organic food cell in distressed communities or food deserts. Our farm will be the first to use Atmospheric water generated from the humidity in air to grow leafy green vegetables and fish in a closed loop system. The farm will be powered by Solar, using LED lighting to mimic natural lighting and spectrum allocation inside greenhouse. Our renewable energy source will change the way farming is viewed all over the world, in ideal climate conditions. Con10u2farm is Homegrown by Heros certified.

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What We Do


We grow organic leafy green vegetables and fish inside greenhouses. Our suite of product and services will drive change in our local target markets, starting with school districts, hospitals, restaurants and farmers markets through education and advocacy.   We recycle organic waste to create carbon credits that will be traded through Cap and Trade auctions and we will set up tours to the farms every two weeks for the benefit of the larger community, establish communications with local media to help brand the farm.


Adaptive Growing Modules (AGM) have become a big hit within the Sacramento School District and County Health Departments who used SNAP-ED funding to support our program. These learning labs will be used to teach Urban Farming to kids and older students how to grow food in small spaces and those that are seeking careers in Agriculture. Our Social Enterprise efforts has also caught the attention of the Sacramento Kings Foundations, to include other counties Health Department Task Forces in Northern California. Each lab includes worm casting, six grow bins, 1 water reservoir, drips, Solar, soil testing kits, greenhouse, pump, and can be converted to hydroponics and aquaponics in the future.

This is the first Solar powered garden in the country that uses 90% less water, with little or no maintenance and will grow vegetables 365 days annually.

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Our Eco compound will drive other green businesses to locate near the farm to scale their operation, such as micro breweries, Vegan restaurants, composting and manufacturing of water technology machines.

We Care About Our Community

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Hard at Work

Our goals are to educate the most vulnerable citizens about healthy eating habits and how to grow your own food.

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Community We Serve

In addition to farming, we provide community consulting for raised beds, vertical farming, community garden tips, and sustainability education for youth and local community advocates.


Healthy Offerings

Scientists agree that Moringa is the most nutrient dense botanical on earth weighing in with over 92 verifiable cell-ready nutrients including 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory vitamins, minerals, omega oils and 18 amino acids (vital proteins) including nine that are rarely found intact within our present food chain. To learn more about Moringa and to place an order, please visit our products page.

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What’s Growing On! It is my belief that a healthy community is one that meets the basic needs of all residents.  It ensures quality and substainability of the environment, provides adequate levels of economic and social development while assuring social relationships that are respected and supported. Over the past two years we have witnessed the…


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Friends tease James Brady about his devotion to urban farming, calling him a veggielante and a veggie preacher, but that doesn’t stop his proselytizing. Brady and his business partners create microscale systems that allow schoolchildren and others to grow produce in..

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